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10844 Condo and apartment THE HYVE,CYBER BISTARI for RENT {"id":15007,"photo":"http:\/\/\/20891490254744.jpg","property_id":10844,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:42:01","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:42:01"}
MYR 2400 2017-03-23 Photo Available

10785 Single room CLEAN AND TIDY HOUSEMATE - SUITABLE FOR STUDENT Pm or Whatsapp if you are interested: 0196699936 - Clean House - Cooking Allowed - High Speed Internet - Spacious big living room - Refrigerator, Iron Board, AC and Washing Machine provided - Rental: 500RM medium room / 450RM single room Deposit: 2.5 month Can move in anytime Location: Cyberia A2 3min walking to MULTIMEDIA UNIVERSITY {"id":14901,"photo":"http:\/\/\/41871489953626.jpg","property_id":10785,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:40","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:40"}
MYR 450 2017-04-01 Photo Available

10780 Studio unit {"id":14895,"photo":"http:\/\/\/67261489931698.jpg","property_id":10780,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:38","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:38"}
MYR 1750 2017-03-20 Photo Available

10771 Master room {"id":14882,"photo":"http:\/\/\/89911489883434.jpg","property_id":10771,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:35","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:35"}
MYR 1200 2017-03-25 Photo Available

10713 Studio unit THE HYVE,CYBER BISTARI for RENT {"id":14785,"photo":"http:\/\/\/72551489376431.jpg","property_id":10713,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:15","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:15"}
MYR 1300 2017-03-13 Photo Available

10688 Condo and apartment good
MYR 500 2017-05-11

10680 Studio unit D'Pulze Partly Furnished {"id":14718,"photo":"http:\/\/\/91421489064219.jpg","property_id":10680,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:04","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:04"}
MYR 1100 2017-03-10 Photo Available

10678 Studio unit THE HYVE,CYBER BISTARI for RENT {"id":14717,"photo":"http:\/\/\/76271489043814.jpg","property_id":10678,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:04","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:04"}
MYR 1300 2017-03-09 Photo Available

10667 Studio unit 2Bedroom 2Bathroom Fully Furnished {"id":14695,"photo":"http:\/\/\/43911488967057.jpg","property_id":10667,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:00","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:41:00"}
MYR 2000 2017-03-09 Photo Available

10666 Studio unit {"id":14692,"photo":"http:\/\/\/53171488956893.jpg","property_id":10666,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:59","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:59"}
MYR 1400 2017-03-08 Photo Available

10665 Studio unit {"id":14690,"photo":"http:\/\/\/86401488953624.jpg","property_id":10665,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:59","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:59"}
MYR 1100 2017-03-08 Photo Available

10662 Medium room prefer female who favour in clean living envirSerin residency Please pm me for more photos. 014-6762140 Middle room for single or share (optional) Prefer Chinese female or couple. Fully furnished ( include wardrobe, aircons, ceiling fans, washing machine, microwave, stove, NEW queen-size mattress, NEW dining table and chair, NEW sofa and tv ) Rental is excluding utilities. Utilities include water, electric and 30mbps unifi, where all are being divided by all tenants. Current tenant : 2 boys and one girl. Preferred Chinese girl who favours clean and tidy living environment. Suitable for working adult or student. Infrastructure include : Badminton court, gym, Table Tennis room, futsal court, Basketball court, Swimming pool, jacuzzi, grocery shop and indoor parking lot. . {"id":14681,"photo":"http:\/\/\/72881488905431.jpg","property_id":10662,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:58","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:58"}
MYR 650 2017-04-01 Photo Available

10639 Studio unit {"id":14640,"photo":"http:\/\/\/24511488791696.jpg","property_id":10639,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:50","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:50"}
MYR 1400 2017-03-07 Photo Available

10623 Studio unit THE HYVE,CYBER BISTARI for RENT {"id":14618,"photo":"http:\/\/\/95691488444064.jpg","property_id":10623,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:44","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:44"}
MYR 1300 2017-03-03 Photo Available

10593 Medium room
MYR 460 2017-03-01

10589 Medium room contact me 0109644247 {"id":14564,"photo":"http:\/\/\/48571488106811.jpg","property_id":10589,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:33","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:33"}
MYR 400 2017-02-27 Photo Available

10566 Studio unit {"id":14536,"photo":"http:\/\/\/61891487939104.jpg","property_id":10566,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:25","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:25"}
MYR 1300 2017-03-01 Photo Available

10503 Condo and apartment {"id":14428,"photo":"http:\/\/\/70181487567279.jpg","property_id":10503,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:03","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:40:03"}
MYR 4200 2017-04-01 Photo Available

10420 Single room 1 minutes walk to MMU**more details please whatsapp/message/call/email **Ms Mandy 0182248211****the room is messy now cause i have many things in the room, will be cleared before move in {"id":14284,"photo":"http:\/\/\/65161486967092.jpg","property_id":10420,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:35","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:35"}
MYR 300 2017-03-01 Photo Available

10385 Studio unit THE HYVE,CYBER BISTARI for RENT {"id":14242,"photo":"http:\/\/\/84991486644168.jpg","property_id":10385,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:23","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:23"}
MYR 1100 2017-02-10 Photo Available

10356 Studio unit THE HYVE,CYBER BISTARI for RENT {"id":14178,"photo":"http:\/\/\/19531486110472.jpg","property_id":10356,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:13","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:13"}
MYR 1200 2017-02-04 Photo Available

10347 Studio unit Looking for unit? ✔️1+1 bedrooms unit for rent at Garden Plaza,Cyberjaya AVAILABLE NOW!!! ✔️Rental rate: RM1200 (whole unit) ✔️Fully Furnished (air conds, refrigerator, beds, washing machine, microwave, wardrobe, etc) ✔️Viewing any time ✔️Ready to move in ✔️Facilities: (swimming pool, food & beverages,securities and access card system, barbecue area, meeting or reading room, convenient shop, gym room, etc) ~~Any enquiries are welcome to contact>>>DAVE 0138818865 ~~Glad to serve you ~~Please feel free to contact: Calling/ Whatsapp/ SMS/ Wechat DAVE 013-881-8865 For making appointment to view the unit {"id":14160,"photo":"http:\/\/\/32161486032102.jpg","property_id":10347,"created_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:10","updated_at":"2018-08-07 17:39:10"}
MYR 1200 2017-02-03 Photo Available