We Are Roomly

We are some little robots that work super hard to get you a right room/tenant.

Faster Way For Landlord

Get your tenants as soon as after you post your listing!

Lazier Way For Tenant

Sit back and relax,, you'll get notified when Roomly found a right room for you.

We Are Roomly
A Property Rental Platform

match making a right tenant to a right property, renting becomes easier and faster with our unique Match & Notification Engine.

Matching Wizard
Matching to a right one

Our super powerful matching wizard will confirm you match to a right one.

Potential Tenant List
Awww, they love your room

Well, don't tell anyone else, we know who loves you. :P

Match Notification
A very loud one

Sit back and relax, we'll nudge you when there is a matching room/tenant

English, Malay, and Chinese

Who want to tapau nasi lemak?

67.7777% Assembled
32.2223% to go

The apple pie is almost done, now we are building the little green machine.

Made With Love
1.765733 tons of

Yes, Roomly is crafted with 1.765733 tons of love powder.

You may not afford a house, but you can afford a home


Love begins at home, and it is not how much we do... but how much love we put in that action.


The Difference between ordinary and extraordinary is just that little extra


Features For Landlord

We had improved the speed of getting a right tenant.

Potential Tenant
With match percentage

A list of potential tenants to your room will be provided.

Match Notification
On potential tenant

Sit back and relax, we'll notify you when we found any potential tenant.

Room Highlight
What's nearby

Key POI like train station around room area will be highlight to tenant.

Tenant Profile
Know your tenant

Some basic info of tenant like their profile photo, and room requirement.

Free To be Contact
By Potential Tenant

Tenant is free to contact you if they're interested to you room.

In App Messanging
Message your tenant

Send a message to potential tenant of your room via our in app message.

Faster than Light

Potential tenant list will be provided right after room ads posted to us.

Verified Phone
User phone is verified

No worries, all user mobile phone number is verified via SMS verification.

A Happy Tenant
Lives longer in your room

A tenant who lives in a place they like will definitely stay happier and longer.

Features For Tenant

The lazier way to rent a room.

Smart Filter
With match percentage

Filter with your preference, and get most relevant room results.

Match Notification
On match room

Sit back and relax, you'll get notified when any match room found.

Room Highlight
What's nearby

Key POI around room area, like train station will be highlight to you.

Passive Search
Let room find you

Match room will automatically contacts you, literally. :P

No paper map anymore

We'll guide you to the room via google map, road by raod.

In App Messanging
Message your landlord

Send a message to landlord via our in app message feature.

a little private moment

No worries, you can always hide your phone number from everyone.

Verified Phone
User phone is verified

No worries, all user mobile phone number is verified via SMS verification.

A Happier Life
Lives happily in your room

Rent a room you like most and happily ever after.

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