Why is that so hard to rent a right room In Malaysia?

Why is that so hard to rent a right room In Malaysia?

I believe most of you have one or two housemates in certain part of your life, either during studying in college or moving to city for better prospect. After all, lot of us can't afford to buy a house during college or fresh grad era. Well, sadly, editor still can't afford one now in Klang Valley.

Anyway, back to topic, this is the 6 types of best housemate you can ever get. Check them out.

1. The Tabao-er

Close your eyes, imagine when you wake up early in the morning and your housemate Jack tell you he had tabao a pack of Nasi Lemak for you.

What else you could ask for?

2. The Chef

Whats better than a Tabao-er?

Yes, a Master Chef. A master chef would cook and share their master piece will definitely shed some tears of those who barely have chance to have home cook meal.

3. The Admin

The role I would never ever volunteer for, it is super tiring. Tons of works to calculating monthly bills, utilities expenses, house expenses and rental payment every month end.

4. The Housemaid

I haven't met any of those ever in my life yet, but, it would be very nice if I have one kind of housemate who love to do housework work as hobby. :D

5. The Good Student

If you’re a student, a good student would be very important for you, not important in teaches you the study stuff.

But, he/she could helps you by sign your attendance when you can’t wake up after a wild night, helps you to get notes when you skip classes. Oh, not to forget treat them well, because they might have some exam tips as well.

6. The Doraemon

What is the best thing of Doraemon? Yes, he have everything, from spanner to cloth hanger, from latest drama to new underwear.

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