7 Items To Check When Visiting The Room You Want to Rent

7 Items To Check When Visiting The Room You Want to Rent

OK, you found a room via some channel and made a visit appointment. During the visit, how do you check and evaluate the room to avoid you rent a really bad room?

Check these 7 items out!

1. Is the residential area bright at night time?

Visit residential area at night time and ask yourselves a question, would you feel safe living in this area?

2. Any guardhouse?

If you concern much about security, please check is there any guardhouse in the residential area.

3. Any convenient shop, restaurant and etc nearby

This is optional, but for someone who are prefer convenient, they would prefer to live somewhere near to a convenient shop, so don’t have to drive for some grocery and basic supplies.

4. Any parking lot?

For car driver, please check is there any available parking lot during the visit.

5. Any window in the room?

If the room isn’t equipped with air conditioner, please make sure there is a window in the room otherwise you will have suffering time during hot season.

6. Is electric appliances working?

Turn on and check all the electric appliances in the room, like light, fan, and power plug. And also take a look at share electric appliances in the house, like washing machine, and fridge.

7. Is bathroom clean?

Make sure you pay a visit to bathroom because it is the best place to check is the house clean or not.

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